An Interview With Animal Rights Writer and Editor Ernest Dempsey



Ernest Dempsey is a writer/editor who lives in Pakistan. He primarily writes about animal rights issues. Here is a link to his blog:




Q: What made you interested in writing about animal rights?

A: I always was empathetic toward animals. Scenes of animals slaughtered were unbearable to me and the worst place in the market to visit was going to the butcher’ shop with someone from the family to buy meat. Some of my earliest stories that I wrote in my school-going days were about friendship and belongingness to animals—one I can remember was called Horses, in which two young women embark on an adventure to save their horses taken away by some outlaws. TV shows for kids like, The Littlest Hobo and Danger Bay, were also early influences in developing respect for animal life. However, I started regularly writing about animal issues…

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Planet Plutonium

Australian exported sheep in Pakistan RAW VISION / MEDIA EDIT from Animals Australia on Vimeo.

Recently, 21,000 sheep from Australia ended up in Pakistan. Due to fears of disease, they were all killed, Holocaust style. The video is very graphic. But it shows reality, the truth. I’m not posting this for shock value. I wonder what it would take us humans to change our behavior. There are alternatives to wool, to sheep meat. Do you really need to wear that wool coat or that wool sweater during winter for “fashion?” Animal fur used to signify wealth and status. It still does in many countries around the world, but it now carries a different meaning too. Wearing fur is no longer about being hip. It also means cruelty, and stupidity that people still consider themselves as being “special” if they wear fur. Well, such people are “special” but only in…

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PETA’s Martin Mersereau: Require vets to report cruelty to animals

Alliance for Animals and the Environment

Dear Editor: The case in which a Wausau woman allegedly poisoned and killed her boyfriend’s dog after the dog’s veterinarian failed to report a history of possible abuse is extremely disturbing. Veterinarians in Wisconsin (and every state) should be legally required to notify authorities immediately if they suspect an animal is being harmed, particularly since repeat offenses are common.

Letting cruelty go unreported not only puts animals in grave danger, it also compromises the entire community’s safety. Animal abusers are cowards who take their issues out on “easy victims” — and their targets often include members of their own species. In my work, I have seen case after case in which people who abuse animals commit similar crimes against members of their own families and communities.

Many batterers try to control their victims, such as a partner or spouse, by threatening, torturing, and/or killing the victim’s animals. The FBI has…

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Stop abusing horses Bahamas!

Stefany Celine Huguenin

Seeing this completely tears my heart out!

These Bahamians “taking care” of these horses are disrespectful and cruel. It’s pretty much animal abuse, and it’s completely heart breaking. I don’t even want to know how the horse got there with no carriage…I wouldn’t be surprised if it ran away.

If I could I would step up to these people and do something about this, I would.

These horses are old, skinny, and treated like shit everyday. They need to be in a better home. They need to be in a field everyday enjoying themselves, they need to have freedom. They just aren’t fit enough to be walking all around town all day, especially having to carry tourists.

Horses are beautiful animals and it hurts seeing people do this to them. it doesn’t matter if this horse had a heart attack and was old, it was still treated bad most of…

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Cat in a Box – A Cowardly Act!


Aanifeira - Associação dos Amigos dos Animais de Santa Maria da Feira

This story must just about take the cake for a cowardly act when Aanifeira General Manager Paulo, arrived at the shelter one morning last week to find a box up against the front door.

Glued to the front of the box was a hand written note stating “Has a broken back leg!”.  Paulo quickly open the box to find a small and frightened black and white male kitten with indeed, a broken back leg.  After a quick initial examination by Aanifeira vets Claudia and Sara, there was a thought that the leg might have to be amputated but after a more serious analysis and x-ray, they reconsidered and decided this wasn’t necessary.


Baptized Funzo by Paulo, an operation was performed the following day and we are happy to report that he is doing just fine.  Funzo is currently in special care and is totally pampered by staff and volunteers.  As soon as he is better he will be…

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POLL: Reporting Animal Abuse – What Would You Do?


The Catnip Times

I recently had this dilemma.  I was surfing the internet, looking for interesting stories

Foster Cats

about cats to share with all of you and came across an article about a town that was trying to eliminate the feral cat population (even though the colony was healthy and being looked after via TNR).  I began reading the comments to see what the people of this town thought, and was horrified when I discovered that some lunatic was bragging, paragraph after lengthy paragraph about how he shoots HUNDREDS of cats on his property and buries them.

You can probably guess what I did… but I’m curious what you might do.  Please share your thoughts.

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