Young couple save puppy from abuse

Eco Mission

puppy saved from abuseOn Sunday evening 25th November, Kelly-Jane Hart (23) and Clyde Lewis (25) of Bothasig spotted a homeless man abusing a puppy on the N1 City Bridge. When they tried to rescue the tiny Labrador, the homeless man proceeded to strangle her – so forcefully that she began to vomit. Luckily the brave young couple managed to extract the traumatized puppy from him and took her home.

Only five weeks old, much too young to be away from her mother, little Bella continued to suffer from severe vomiting and diarrhea over the next few days. Kelly-Jane and Clyde took her to Bothasig vet, and blood tests revealed that she had a virus called Parvo. After staying at the vet overnight, it was discovered that Bella had severe complications in addition to Parvo that required a blood transfusion. Even after the transfusion and round-the-clock care, she only has a 10% chance of survival.

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