Wildlife Around Rhaslas Pond the proposed Opencast Extension Site…….


IMG_9203 (Medium)

Rhaslas Lake (19) (Medium)

IMG_9530 (Medium)

IMG_9529 (Medium)

IMG_9528 (Medium)

IMG_9523 (Medium)

IMG_9524 (Medium)

IMG_9525 (Medium)

IMG_9526 (Large) (Medium)

IMG_9526 (Medium)

IMG_9527 (Medium)

IMG_9521 (Medium)

IMG_9519 (Medium)

IMG_9518 (Medium)

IMG_9517 (Medium)

IMG_9516 (Medium)

IMG_9513 (Medium)

IMG_9512 (Medium)

IMG_7893 (Medium)

IMG_7889 (Medium)

Kestrel (19) (Medium)

IMG_9426 (Medium)

IMG_9416 (Medium)

kestrel1 (Medium)

IMG_7567 (Large)

IMG_7560 (Large) (2)

IMG_7575 (Large)

IMG_4670 (Medium)

These are some of the beautiful animals that live alongside the already huge opencast at Ffos-Y-Fran and they want to extend it to Nant Llesg and take away their grazing land, Rhaslas pond and the beautiful views across to Brecon National Park, we are going to fight this all the way, we will not let this happen to line the pockets of a greedy few.
300 Jobs already in the area are at risk if this extension goes ahead…

Photographs courtesy of Eddy Blanche….Thank You

Find out more here…United Valleys Action Group on Facebook…UVAG


Green Valleys Alliance here..

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