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Hobbit Uproar: Animal Abuse Allegations Pelt Filmmakers.

 The filmmakers behind the highly anticipated movie trilogy based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel are under fire for animal cruelty and are thought to have helped cause the deaths of up to 27 animals that were used in filming due to the poor living conditions that the animals have suffered.

Several animal caretakers employed in the production claimed that the ranch in New Zealand where Peter Jackson’s production company housed and trained the critters had “death traps” such as sinkholes and broken fences, which resulted in a number of euthanasia.

A pony named Rainbow was one of those animals, he was used as a Hobbit horse, according to the wranglers, ran off a bank in the hilly area and crashed and he had to be put down, another horse died after falling off a steep cliff ending up drowned in a stream.

A few…

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