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Is there a “culture” within the USDA Wildlife Services–in particular its lethal predator control program.

These images found on Facebook–evidence of clearly sick behavior–began to circulate on the Internet on October 30, 2012, after being spotted by an environmentalist.

The photos were posted by Jamie P. Olson, who works as a trapper for an agency called Wyoming Wildlife Services, a branch of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service whose job includes controlling nuisance predators. They clearly show that Olson loosed his dogs on  a coyote while it was in the trap and took photos as they tore the animal apart. It is unclear if the photos show a single coyote or if two coyotes are pictured. Nevertheless, the result is the same.


The photos led Rep. John Campbell of California to call the actions “flat-out animal cruelty,” and accuse the agency of “stonewalling” attempts to…

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