The Story of the One Eyed Jack

Your daily OM....

I call him the “Vagabond Cat”. He suddenly appeared in the community, just out of the blue. An unwelcome visitor, he is not very popular with the colony cats. He comes and goes and the caregiver took pity on him and started feeding him. All he wanted was some nice grub and a good night’s sleep. Dawn comes and he would wander off to lead his vagabond life.

Yesterday, he came back in a disastrous state. He had lost an eye, cause unknown. His eye was bleeding, and the eyeball had ruptured and partially protruding. The jelly in the eyeball was oozing out of the socket along with blood and pus.

So we decided to admit him to the vet to get the infected eye cleaned up. Unfortunately, the wound is more severe than we thought it would be. Not a simple couple of hundred bucks surgery. The estimated bill…

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