The Animal Activists’ Dilemma

Kirschner's Korner

I received the following letter from an animal rights activist. I reprinted it with her permission.

Hi Andrew,

I really appreciate your insight into veganism and I was wondering if you could give me some advice, or perhaps write a blog, about a particular aspect of activism — keeping one’s sanity in the face of such horrors. Yesterday, I saw photos of two puppies being boiled alive and trying to escape and I feel completely traumatized by it. How do we remain strong in the face of such horrors?

Here is my updated Facebook status from yesterday: “I need a Facebook break after that horrible thing I saw on here today. It was actually way worse than I thought. I am so torn because people need to know this is happening and it has to stop! But, it just pulverizes me on the inside to continually see such images on…

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