Stop abusing horses Bahamas!

Stefany Celine Huguenin

Seeing this completely tears my heart out!

These Bahamians “taking care” of these horses are disrespectful and cruel. It’s pretty much animal abuse, and it’s completely heart breaking. I don’t even want to know how the horse got there with no carriage…I wouldn’t be surprised if it ran away.

If I could I would step up to these people and do something about this, I would.

These horses are old, skinny, and treated like shit everyday. They need to be in a better home. They need to be in a field everyday enjoying themselves, they need to have freedom. They just aren’t fit enough to be walking all around town all day, especially having to carry tourists.

Horses are beautiful animals and it hurts seeing people do this to them. it doesn’t matter if this horse had a heart attack and was old, it was still treated bad most of…

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