Planet Plutonium

Australian exported sheep in Pakistan RAW VISION / MEDIA EDIT from Animals Australia on Vimeo.

Recently, 21,000 sheep from Australia ended up in Pakistan. Due to fears of disease, they were all killed, Holocaust style. The video is very graphic. But it shows reality, the truth. I’m not posting this for shock value. I wonder what it would take us humans to change our behavior. There are alternatives to wool, to sheep meat. Do you really need to wear that wool coat or that wool sweater during winter for “fashion?” Animal fur used to signify wealth and status. It still does in many countries around the world, but it now carries a different meaning too. Wearing fur is no longer about being hip. It also means cruelty, and stupidity that people still consider themselves as being “special” if they wear fur. Well, such people are “special” but only in…

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