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(This is the last of the reprinted posts that I’ll be running, here at the Dog Blog. Starting next week, I’ll return to writing new posts. But for now, please enjoy one of my favorites, from Dec. 28, 2009)

Rosie: Can I read you something?

Mitch: Shoot.

Rosie: I’m writing a letter to PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. I want to get your thoughts.

Mitch: Go ahead.

Rosie: (ahem) “Dear Peta. How are you? I am fine.”

Mitch: Stop.

Rosie: What?

Mitch: That’s not how you start a business letter.

Rosie: It’s not a business letter, it’s a friendly correspondence.

Mitch: I hear you, but that’s how you start a letter to a friend you met at summer camp. It’s not appropriate when you’re writing to a professional organization. We can fix that. Keep going.

Rosie: (ahem)” Thank you for helping to raise awareness about animal abuse.  I’ll…

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