OMG!!! Condoned Animal Abuse!


Everyone usually agrees that animals deserve humane treatment and usually agree on the basics of food, water and shelter if you decide to keep an animal on your premises.  What else should that include and who decides what the minimums are for a shelter?

Most “down to earth” people will provide their animals with nutrition and shelter but will not go so far as to clean every nook and cranny to eliminate spider webs and dust.  There is nothing that proves a situation such as this will induce disease or unhealthy pets.  In fact, at any given time, if we were to inspect the majority of homes with young children across the United States, you would find dust and cobwebs galore.  Not everyone is a Felix Ungar with the obsession to clean the corners of the closet.  If this cannot be expected of the regular citizen, how can it be…

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