Not illegal to shoot your dog… British Columbia

Pet Saver Club

Most rescue dogs have a story behind them, but none is more poignant than that of Alix, a Husky mix whose life was saved by a northern animal rescue organization called Turtle Gardens.

Alix was pregnant and just days from whelping when her owner decided he didn’t want the bother of her soon-to-be-born litter of puppies, said Turtle Gardens founder Yvette Labatte. The dog had to go, so the man got his

gun and took her out to the woods.

“It’s not illegal to shoot your dog. It’s just ignorant and cruel,” said Labatte, adding shooting is a common way to get rid of unwanted dogs in northern B.C. “It’s only considered inhumane if you mess up.”

And mess up, he did.

The small-calibre bullet pierced Alix under her eye and she fell to the ground. Thinking she was dead the owner went home. But Alix survived and spent the…

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