Neglected Dog ‘Herbie’ Inspires Awareness Walk

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LORAIN, Ohio — A dog, starved, severely injured and left for dead, is inspiring people to take a stand against animal abuse. 

Hundreds of people and their pets took to the streets of Lorain on Sunday, pounding the pavement for a purpose.  

They walked for Herbie, a dog so neglected and abused that he cannot now walk for himself.  Pat Fogo, who organized the Walk For Herbie, said someone called police because they thought the dog was dead. 

“And, when the officer  arrived, he found a dog that should weigh 70-80 pounds, was weighing 25 pounds. He said he had never seen one so emaciated in his life,” Fogo explained.

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Herbie was found in the front of an abandoned house of West 11th Street in Lorain a week ago Saturday.  Fogo said not only was he severely underweight, but he had a fractured skull.  

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