My little sister’s hamsters


I found out today that when my sister’s good friend, my little cousin, comes over to play, they enjoy hitting the head of her hamsters- just with their fingers, just a ‘tap’ really, as she puts it, to punish it. I was quite shocked and very angry, and I asked her why, she said: “to punish them because they bit me.”

I next asked her this: “if you go swimming out into the sea, and a shark came over and bit you, whose fault is it?” Without a second thought she immediately replied “the shark.” I asked her why, and again she told me because it bit her. I then asked her if we were at home watching the television and a robber came in, and in trying to get help, he stabbed us, whose fault would it be. This time though, she told me “The robber. Because it is…

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