Just Another Reason Why You MUST Go Veg This Thanksgiving…


As if the mass slaughter of turkey’s is not bad enough, the abuse they endure BEFORE they are sent to slaughter is enough to make one cringe.Every other day it seems as if we are hearing about another case of animal abuse at these factory farms, from cows to pigs, they are all treated like crap. This time the famous Butterball Turkey Farms, got caught out there, again.

According to reports, the workers at 5 Butterball plants in North Carolina engaged in shocking scenario’s of animal abuse and neglect. They kicked and stomped turkey’s, dragged them by their necks and slammed them into the ground. What an awesome way to end an already horrible life. I mean seriously, who does this crap to another living creature? People like this make me sick.

A hidden camera placed in the farm by Mercy For Animals caught this all on tape. Mercy For…

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