How to Stimulate a Pup’s 5 Senses to Make a Well-Balanced and Well-Behaved Dog


By Ray & Emma Lincoln, authors of Dogs Hate Crates: How Abusive Crate Training Hurts Dogs, Families & Society

“…If dogs grow up with little environmental stimulation, they can turn into adults who are lacking in the ability to handle even minor stress.”-from For the Love of a Dog pgs. 82-83 by Patricia McConnell, Ph.D.

In our behavior practice we often encounter “reactive” dogs, a name behaviorists apply to dogs that overreact to new situations with agitation, overexcitement, fear or aggression. Reactive dogs may “go crazy” on trips to the veterinarian, or act out any time they see bicycles, baby strollers or other dogs. Fear of common objects or sounds (for ex: the sight of a moving broom or the sound of rustling leaves) may accompany reactivity. And, even though reactive behavior is an increasingly common complaint, the problem can be easily prevented. If a puppy is introduced to many…

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