Hammie Love


Remember when I said Hammie hasn’t opened up to me yet here? Well, quite evidently from the GIF, she has adjusted well to her new home! /throws confetti to celebrate ^^v

To be honest, she still tries to escape all the time (don’t all hamsters?) but at least now she’s no longer timid! She would scamper into a palm (any palm at all!) on her own now which NEVER fails to melt my heart because she’s so tiny!:D

Yeah well, besides Hammie, my life is filled with non-stop classes & BBQs till next year (which isn’t very far), literally. I had classes & a BBQ yesterday (Saturday), classes & a BBQ today (Sunday) & I’m gonna have classes & a BBQ tomorrow (Monday). Amazing how everyone from everywhere decides to have BBQ all at once.

Gonna end off with another picture of hammie!


Awww, isn’t she just the…

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