Goat Scouts

Visible Thought


“Where are those idiot goats this time?”

My mom shouts loud enough for the whole town to hear. I walk out back and sure enough, the pen is empty. No one left the door open, and they didn’t chew a hole through the wire – that’s pretty much impossible now that dad installed two extra layers around the outside.

“Did they jump out?” asks my little sister Suri. “Hali, I think they jumped! Like this!” She starts jumping as high as she can, which isn’t very.

But I clap for her and say, “Yes, I think you’re right!”

Mom brushes her forehead with the bandana she keeps stuffed in her right pocket. It’s not really hot out, not yet anyway, but she always sweats a lot when she’s angry. “Two baby goats jumped six feet in the air? Ok, girls. Whatever you say.”

“We’ll find them, Mommy,” Suri says. “Right…

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