Fox hunting, sociopaths & the end of the world

The Little Bear Dog Blog

Last week I grudgingly bigged up the RSPCA on Twitter for prosecuting the Heythrop Hunt for flouting the ban on hunting with dogs. Being chums with the Prime Minister doesn’t make them above the law, I fumed and with more than 76% of British people wanting to keep the ban it infuriated me that our Government was actually considering repealing it.

In the midst of an economic crisis and with a thousand and one other priorities to deal with, pacifying a small minority of people who apparently enjoy seeing a living creature torn apart by a pack of dogs seemed utterly perverse. Nobody has stopped them from hunting, they just have to chase a scent and not a living creature. But that is apparently not good enough, they prefer a real fox to chase.

As a rider I can appreciate the thill of the ride especially as part of a large…

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