An Interview With Animal Rights Writer and Editor Ernest Dempsey



Ernest Dempsey is a writer/editor who lives in Pakistan. He primarily writes about animal rights issues. Here is a link to his blog:




Q: What made you interested in writing about animal rights?

A: I always was empathetic toward animals. Scenes of animals slaughtered were unbearable to me and the worst place in the market to visit was going to the butcher’ shop with someone from the family to buy meat. Some of my earliest stories that I wrote in my school-going days were about friendship and belongingness to animals—one I can remember was called Horses, in which two young women embark on an adventure to save their horses taken away by some outlaws. TV shows for kids like, The Littlest Hobo and Danger Bay, were also early influences in developing respect for animal life. However, I started regularly writing about animal issues…

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